Finesse Business Solutions & Management LLC prides itself on providing a wide range of business consulting services to other startups and small businesses.  Finesse Business Solutions & Management LLC will provide your company with a plan tailored to fit your organization. 


Our Services

Finesse Business Solutions & Management LLC offers comprehensive analysis of your organization to develop a solution for business owners to choose from to increase productivity, sales, employee morale or whatever the needs may be.
Start-up services include business planning, marketing plans, financing  and procurement. Ongoing services include business plan updates, marketing plan updates, search and procurement of additional rounds of financing, management development, IT consulting services, e-commerce consulting services, operational advising, and human resources advising.

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Why Do I need a Consultant ?

 Quite Simply, We see what you cannot.

Finesse is flexible and works with clients in the fashion preferred by the client rather it be on-site,
remotely, or a combination of both.  Finesse Business Solutions & Management  typically works on a project in a team fashion to assist the client in all areas of the business needs simultaneously.

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We take the stress out of Business Management . 

There is nothing permanent except change.
— Heraclitus